Shirin Nooravi

Shirin Nooravi PH.D.
18345 Ventura Blvd. #314
Tarzana CA 91356
Tel: 818.344.6818
Fax: 818.344.6778
Dr. Shirin Nooravi believes in a family systems therapy technique which means that the whole family should be treated, not just the ‘problem’ person. Her solution-focused techniques get results and her philosophy for individuals is that ‘Humans have an amazing capacity for change and growth.’ She believes that parents can raise happy and healthy children once they learn how to communicate effectively. Dr. Nooravi also has a weekly show on Iranian Satellite TV (Omid Iran) and well as a weekly page in Javanan newspaper. She treats individuals, couples, parents and families in her Tarzana practice and offers psychological and educational testing, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, EMDR and EEG.