Haleh Eghrari

Haleh Eghrari, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist PSY 13673 1314
Westwood Blvd. Suite 206
Los Angeles CA 90024
Tel: 310.441.9550
Fax: 310.234.2682

Haleh Eghrari is a Social/Clinical Psychologist. She finished high school in Iran and ranked among the top ten students who passed Iran’s university entrance examination (1977). Dr. Eghrari got her BA in psychology from USC (1981) and completed her PhD at the University of Rochester, New York (1988). She was licensed by the California Board of Psychology to practice Clinical Psychology (1994). During her graduate studies, Dr. Eghrari was a member of the research group in the Human Motivation Program. Her doctoral thesis examined how people get motivated to internalize change. This area of expertise has significantly contributed to her skills in promoting change through psychotherapy. Her long career as a psychologist has included extensive experience in inpatient settings with a wide range of psychopathology. In 1998, Dr. Eghrari moved into private practice in West Los Angeles. She works with individuals, couples, and families and is involved with the treatment or management of psychosis, depression, anxiety, relationship dysfunctions, aging issues and immigration. Dr. Eghrari believes that one of the highlights of her private practice is working with individuals who seek personal growth. Another highlight of her practice is helping the Iranian teenagers/youth (the “second generation” Iranians) who were born or raised in the United States, and who experience bicultural and cross-generational conflicts. In her work, Dr. Eghrari uses principles of cognitive- behavioral therapy to promote effective coping skills.

Website: http://www.haleheghrari.com