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Izadi Law Office
Bijan Izadi (Lawyer)
Tehran, Iran
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It is with thorough happiness and entire respect to introduce myself as an Attorney at Law and Senior Legal Consultant licensed and authorized to practice at Iranian courts. I have obtained my law practicing license under No. 4506 on year 1980 from Central Bar Association of Iran-Tehran.

My pivotal camps of studies are both Private International Law and Contract Law , the subjects in which I have participated at numerous sessions and meeting at United Nations Commission on International Trade Law(UNCITRA) and accomplished a few research and study courses at International Institute for Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) and Max-Planck Institute for International Private Law and International Development Law(IDLO), respectively in United Nations Headquarters (New York),Head Quarters of UNCITRAL in Austria(Wiena) ,IDLO main cetre in Italy (Rome) and Max-Planck Head Office in Germany (Hamburg). My Articles on these subjects are available and accessible in English Language under my name , through Internet Services.